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Wilson is the kind of guy you want on your team, no matter what you’re doing. He simply talks to you. He was perfectly honest and laid out a simple plan, and it was a no-brainer to work with him. His straightforward advice was easily implemented and produced spectacular results. He and the team will not tell you what you want to hear. They’ll tell you what you need to hear to benefit your company. When it comes to marketing, I would rate Wilson and company as experts!

Kathy Wilder

Marketing Manager , Fairway Lawns

Wilson brought the valuable experience of running paid search for a variety of businesses in different industries and was effective at leading our paid search efforts.  He also provided some excellent guidance to me on SEO and conversion rate optimization initiatives. Wilson is one of the most analytical professionals with whom I’ve worked.  His advice and guidance was refreshingly unbiased, a rarity  in today’s business environment.

Clark Cogbill

Marketing Manager, WESCO/Carlton-Bates

We brought Wilson in at one of the most critical times of our company.  We had lost nearly all of our organic traffic and needed a solution…  He instantly went to work with our Google Analytics and identified was to cut costs and grow our revenue.  The best part is that it worked!  In fact, while Wilson worked with us our Adwords revenue grew 240%!

Kerry McCoy

Owner, FlagandBanner.com

Mike and the Sparkible team were amazingly easy to work with. They took all of our ideas and concerns to heart and have produced positive results for our company. Their knowledge of marketing technology has benefited us by improving our company’s online presence and search rankings.

Heather Nay

COO, Central Arkansas Urgent Care


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